Someone stole my Neo Freerunner... :(

w23 lists at
Mon Jan 26 03:27:45 CET 2009

The Digital Pioneer пишет:
> This is an excellent idea. I've been wondering about this. If I had 
> GPRS, I would SSH in (possible? Getting the IP would be tricky) and pull 
> GPS coordinates. But I don't have GPRS. I think it would be good to 
> implement some kind of SIM-based security, along with a way to send some 
> kind of panic SMS. Both would activate some kind of daemon that pulls 
> coords from GPS whenever possible and sends them back to you. Maybe have 
> it call you at home and a TTS engine gives them to you if you can't get 
> SMS without your phone. Just some ideas. Would be AWESOME to have a 
> phone that works to return to its owner though. Lord of the Rings like. :P
> As you maybe can tell, I've considered this a little just in case 
> someone steals my $400 baby.

I've already thought about something like that when I bought the device, 
primarily because street robberies are still very common in Russia, 
especially in Russia itself, i.e. outside Moscow.
However, there is one serious problem with this: the device can be 
easily reflashed. And robbers usually do not use stolen phones 
themselves, but sell them to second-hand phone resellers, who usually 
have staff with educated engineers. And even if we had some protection 
for flashing, like password in u-boot, there is not much we can do about 
people who have access to JTAG and other sophisticated debugging 
hardware, and used to cracking (reflashing, unlocking, messing with 
IMEI, ...) proprietary phones with no documentation at all, like open 
wiki with step-by-step instructions.

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