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Giorgio Marciano ledzgio at
Mon Jan 26 09:30:29 CET 2009

 The new SHR unstable is really great and a lot of steps forward are

I tested it for a couple days and i want to share the problems i found
and my suggestions.


- if i set an alarm, the phone doesn't ring, i can't hear nothing.
- the phone doesn't show the missed calls. It should be nice to have an
icon on the wrench that alert me of new missed calls!
- Sms messages are still splitted into several messages. If i try to
receive a long sms (more than 3 messages) i receive just the two initial
- i lost all my messages in a unknown way.
- power button --> suspend button doesn't work
- cant get a gps fix in up to 12 minutes.

- add a way to find a contact in a more speedy way (e.g. by selecting the
first letter)
- in Settings --> Services should be shown the status of the service. Add
a restart button too.
- wrench --> Look --> Wallpaper is too large for the screen, should fill
- increase default call volume
- settings is really slow
- suspend mode disable button

Apart from the above problems, is quite the best shr image ever!!


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  On Sat, Jan 24, 2009 at 10:30 AM, Michal Brzozowski wrote:
  > Come on, this thing is slow! Scrolling has a 2 sec latency! Totally
  > for me.

  This is a bug with recent e17 and andy-tracking we noticed last week.
  We can't upgrade e17 right now because there is a slight change on
  elementary which triggers a segfault on Messages: not sure whose
  it is.

  About the dictionnary problem, this is due to the fix to handle UTF8.
  I'm told someone on the e17 side is working on correcting this bug.

  Julien Cassignol

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