next generation keyboard layout (illume)

Michal Brzozowski rusolis at
Mon Jan 26 14:19:03 CET 2009


Here's a keyboard layout that I've created.

The idea is to have a finger friendly keyboard good for normal text as well
as terminal input. It needs some polish, but I'm sure you'll have cool ideas
how to make it better, so I'm releasing now.

- doesn't use the dictionary (I've found the dict too slow for now, at least
on SHR unstable)
- not using the dictionary, it can utilize the top part of the keyboard app
(see screenshots)
- Fn key that switches between qwerty and a layout with some special
characters, arrows and numbers
- Enter and backspace keys (so no finger sliding needed)
- Some keys are very thin and are on the edges of the screen. You use them
by pressing the GTA's case near the screen (I take no responsibility if
doing that damages your phone).
- No capslock.
- The very thin key on the left is tab, the very thin one on the right is
- There is an up and down arrow to use for command line history.
- You can switch to another layout by sliding your finger up on the keyboard
(the keyboard selection button is covered by the keys).


The layout file:

I've only tested this on SHR unstable.

Have fun!
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