Re: Re: Someone stole my Neo Freerunner... :(

rhn rhn at
Mon Jan 26 15:55:45 CET 2009

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Od: Helge Hafting <helge.hafting at>

> Also, a stolen phone could wait for a special message. If you give it up 
>   because the telco and police won't bother - have the phone brick 
> itself by wiping out its flash memory. Or better, change the boot to display
> "This phone is stolen from . . ." The thief throws it away - with luck, 
> someone else finds and returns it.
Another idea of the like:
The phone is about to be stolen by muggers, the owner uses some button combo (both buttons for 3 sec?) to enable a special lock mimicking a broken screen - displaying some colorful strips, changing when the phone is being tilted (that's about what it looks like when the connector strip is damaged). This should not go away with a reboot - random text scrolling through the screen may even help with the illusion of the phone being broken.
It's likely that the phone will get thrown away (or destroyed...).
It might be difficult to retrieve it, though, when the battery becomes empty.

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