what tests for (non working) 3G SIM?

Al Johnson openmoko at mazikeen.demon.co.uk
Tue Jan 27 13:47:46 CET 2009

On Tuesday 27 January 2009, Chris Syntichakis wrote:
> Hi,
> I see.. Today I tested the card with a Nokia 1110i , it said "card
> rejected", then I did a test with a samsung c170 and I got the message "SIM
> crashed" (LOL)

That mirrors my experience with a friend's 3 SIM last week. This one was 
bought with one of their  USB data dongles. After my GTA02 with moko10 
rejected the SIM we tried it in his Nokia Communcator which also failed to 
recognise it.

If you look at 3's T&Cs you will see that it's a violation to use the SIM in a 
non-3G device anyway.

> Thanx for the tip about O2..

Also works with t-mobile, Virgin and Orange. 

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