multitouch possible?

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Tue Jan 27 14:50:58 CET 2009

Charles Pax schrieb:
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>     kris Occhipinti wrote:
>     > I agree that it is a hardware limitation.
>     > But, you never know what some one will come up.
>     > One day someone may come up with an idea the rest of us never
>     thought
>     > about.
>     Yes, just for the folklore, this reminds me of the old ZX Spectrum
>     console which had only 16 colours until someone figured out that
>     if they
>     switched two colours on a pixel fast enough the eye would perceive the
>     combined colour. A new era of beautiful games started there :-)
> Hmm. Interesting point. We'll need to know how much control we have 
> over the touch screen controller, but let's throw around some 
> theories. What would happen if the voltage given to the touch screen 
> controller were varried at some frequency or through a rnage of 
> frequencies? Maybe we would find that we could measure some resonance 
> frequency and coorelate that (along with some other measurable data) 
> to more than one contact point.
> -Charles Pax
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i found something, although, they (of course) dont tell how the did it:
 and i am quite sure they use different hardware

...btw i read that gta03 will introduce capacitive touchscreen (its in 
the wiki).
why the hell would anyone want this?

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