multitouch possible?

Charles Pax charles.pax at
Tue Jan 27 15:47:38 CET 2009

On 1/27/09, Fernando Martins <fernando at> wrote:
> kris Occhipinti wrote:
> > I agree that it is a hardware limitation.
> > But, you never know what some one will come up.
> > One day someone may come up with an idea the rest of us never thought
> > about.
> Yes, just for the folklore, this reminds me of the old ZX Spectrum
> console which had only 16 colours until someone figured out that if they
> switched two colours on a pixel fast enough the eye would perceive the
> combined colour. A new era of beautiful games started there :-)

Hmm. Interesting point. We'll need to know how much control we have over the
touch screen controller, but let's throw around some theories. What would
happen if the voltage given to the touch screen controller were varried at
some frequency or through a rnage of frequencies? Maybe we would find that
we could measure some resonance frequency and coorelate that
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