Buzz fix attempt, tomorrow

Yoann ARNAUD yarnaud at
Tue Jan 27 17:46:24 CET 2009

kimaidou a écrit :
> Hi Yoan,
> I am about to buy the capacitor and resistor and ask a friend to do the buzz
> fix. Before diving into trouble water, I would really apreciate some
> feedback on your attemp :

Oh yes, I have to do that. I want to make a useful report but I have no
time for this

> * did you succeed ?

Yes, but it was very very hard. And my fix is very ugly.

> * is the buzz canceled ?

Yes :)

> * have you taken photographs on your work ?

Yes, but they are poor quality. The coponents are very very small and I
had to be close to the phone taking the pictures.

I'll try to make the pictures available tonight.

Just an advice. Be aware that the coponents of the phone are very small
(about 1mm) and it's very hard to desolder just the resistor and not the
other neighbour coponents (I desoldered one conensator...) and it's
harder to solder the new components. (that's why my fix is ugly because
we had to repair that)


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