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Hi KaZeR-

We are not ignoring about the buzz fix issue, actually we are very
serious about this bug and fix.

The buzz issue mostly comes from EMI (Electromagnetic Disturbance), and
it's hardware design related. Buzz comes from
mechanical/layout/component/schematics, and each part could have
eliminate some level EMI effect (buzz).

By apply a filter, and change audio configuration, we could make FR have
better noise resist in audio trace. But EMI still comes through
mechanical(antenna position close to mic), layout (already in FR printed
circuit board), and component (microphone as small antenna get EMI)

joerg already publish release candidate version SOP of buzz fix, the
reason it stay in rc and did not have update is:

#1 Can't tell how much it could improve, yet

As described above, buzz fix actually is EMI resist fix/workaround,
Currently, we have 2 feedback from kindly community member help verify
joerg's SOP, and have positive result. Community do a great work on
verification, but we don't finish internal/mass verification for how
much it could improve.

#2 Don't have the test SOP/audio file for this rework

For GPS hardware SOP, it's easy to tell if you could get a fix within 3
minutes with GPS application and NMEA string, but for audio rework in
field, it could only tell by callee's ear. So after rework's pass/fail
test method and audio alsa (A6 rework) file not ready yet.

Upon this 2 reasons, this fix stay in rc, even this fix already used in
some phones and get positive result.


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Neng-Yu Tu (Tony Tu)
Openmoko, Inc.

> They've been really silent (ignoring us?) on this point each time it has
> been asked.
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>> Hello,
>> are there any updates from resellers, FIC or any 
>> half-official DIY-tutorials on the hardware problems, i.e. 
>> the buzzing?
>> Best regards, Chris
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>>>> Hello,
>>>> thanks for asking about hardware fixes (I read this list daily).
>>>> At the moment I'm working out a solution with Openmoko how 
>> to handle 
>>>> any repair (buzz SOP, GPS fix etc).
>>>> In any way I want to offer my customers best service and we try to 
>>>> find a solution which does avoid time-consuming return 
>> shipments to 
>>>> Taiwan.
>>>> Please allow us some days to work that out.
>>> Thanks Christoph. 
>>> It's nice to see that you are so involved.
>>> I hope that you will lead the way for other resellers. 
>>> Bearstech maybe? :)
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