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Paul Fertser fercerpav at
Tue Jan 27 18:26:48 CET 2009

Al Johnson <openmoko at> writes:
> On Monday 26 January 2009, Christoph Siegenthaler wrote:
>> are there any updates from resellers, FIC or any half-official
>> DIY-tutorials on the hardware problems, i.e. the buzzing?
> This appears to have benefited from feedback regarding capacitor types from 
> the few people so far to have attempted the mod, 

The feedback is that: you can use any cap, including tantalum. :)

> but more feedback is requested. The lack of feedback from people
> trying it may be why it hasn't yet made it past release candidate
> stage.

No more feedback is really needed. Everyone who performed the rework
confirmed that it eliminates the buzz. No single negative report. And
i guess at least 10-20 people have already tried the rework. So, the
reason that no reseller is doing it yet is probably due to
communication/business issues rather than technical.

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