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Steven ** montgoss+openmokocommunity at
Tue Jan 27 19:56:50 CET 2009

I applied [1] the fix to my Neo with positive results.  It's seems to
have greatly reduced if not eliminated the buzz.


Note [1]: By "I applied" I mean I bribed a co-worker with some Mt. Dew
to do the soldering for me. ;-)

On Tue, Jan 27, 2009 at 10:52 AM, Neng-Yu Tu (Tony Tu)
<tony at> wrote:
> #1 Can't tell how much it could improve, yet
> As described above, buzz fix actually is EMI resist fix/workaround,
> Currently, we have 2 feedback from kindly community member help verify
> joerg's SOP, and have positive result. Community do a great work on
> verification, but we don't finish internal/mass verification for how
> much it could improve.
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