Buzz fix attempt, tomorrow

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Tue Jan 27 20:04:12 CET 2009

I too applied the fix. Or, I should say, got a co-worker to apply the
fix.  He worked with surface mount components for a few years and our
lab has all the necessary equipment to do surface mount soldering.  As
well as a stock room with a fairly large selection of components.

It took about an hour because the components are so hard to work with.
 I used a tantalum capacitor (as my work's stock room didn't have
ceramic with the needed specs) which made things rather difficult.
The capacitor was just small enough to fit inside the case.  But it
could not be positioned as depicted in the white paper.  We ended up
soldering some copper ribbon to the exposed pad to "extend" it to the
left in order to place the capacitor between the components on the
right and the screw hole.

I did not take any pictures (since cameras are forbidden inside my
place of work).

I have extra capacitors and resistors I don't need/want.  I'm not sure
if anyone would want them though, since the capacitor was so hard to
place well.


On Mon, Jan 26, 2009 at 3:44 AM, kimaidou <kimaidou at> wrote:
> Hi Yoan,
> I am about to buy the capacitor and resistor and ask a friend to do the buzz
> fix. Before diving into trouble water, I would really apreciate some
> feedback on your attemp :
> * did you succeed ?
> * is the buzz canceled ?
> * have you taken photographs on your work ?
> Thanks in advance
> Kimaidou
> 2009/1/6 Yoann ARNAUD <yarnaud at>
>> kimaidou a écrit :
>> >> Tommorow, I (my colleague, actually) will try to fix the buzz of my OM
>> >> version A5 according to the manual of Joerg.
>> Since I was asked, here is the documentation I will use :
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>> Yoann ARNAUD
>> Nantes, France.
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