[SHR] Kernel 2.6.28 not working on my Freerunner

E. Boer edbo.design at gmail.com
Tue Jan 27 22:34:16 CET 2009


My first post on the mailinglist :-) because I don't know how to fix
this :-(

Today I downloaded the latest kernel and shr-lite-testing release, ran
into u-boot and flashed my Freerunner. I'm going with my [AUX]-button to
the boot option and pressed the power-button. The screen says that the
kernel was loaded successfully and stopped at "starting kernel". I
waited for more then a hour, after then I removed the battery for a hard

The kernel is 2.6.28. Kernel 2.6.24 is booting nice. But I want to know
what's going wrong (kernel panic)? What kind of information do you want
to help me fix this? 


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