Alsa state chooser

TL Mieszkowski mieszkowski at
Tue Jan 27 23:10:40 CET 2009

Al Johnson wrote:
> The FSO API can list and change the alsa scenarios with stack based 
> management. It will also send a signal on scenario change so that
> interested 
> apps are aware of it. See:

I can see how having the sound info in a stack might be useful (marginally,
really), but I can't see it justifying the use of D-bus.  I wouldn't say
never, but I really can't think of any pressing reasons to want to know when
the state changes.  Maybe it's just lack of imagination.  And as for playing
sounds off the message bus, why? Am I wrong for instinctively hating D-bus,
and finding any reason to not use it? Or at least only using it for things
that must be asynchronous?

 Something I could see as useful is a signal when headphones are plugged in.
I remember reading in the Wolfson Codec manual that it is possible, by
monitoring voltages or some such, I imagine that would have to be done in
the alsa plugin or maybe in the driver though.
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