roguemoko at roguemoko at
Wed Jan 28 02:59:25 CET 2009

Paul Boddie wrote:
> To avoid some problems with forged mail, I recommend setting up an SPF policy 
> record:
> See the "Deploying SPF" part of that page and the associated setup wizard.
> When I looked at's DNS records, I couldn't find any evidence of 
> SPF policies, so perhaps someone should look into it. And everyone else who 
> isn't publishing SPF policies for their domain should consider doing so, 
> too - it's a pain to get a deluge of spam backscatter in one's inbox, but you 
> can prevent it from happening.

This should especially be done by mailing list servers and more so in 
openmoko's case as the contact with openmoko personnel and developers is 
pretty crucial.

Preventing your own people from being impersonated and forged mails 
being relayed via your own list seems common sense to some of us, or at 
least me :)

As the from address is maintained when sending to this particular list, 
I guess it's not even necessary for them to be checking records, so long 
as they publish some that we can check ... though they should be doing both.

The only problem with implementing this now would be the multiple 
sending servers required to be added to the records or the set up of 
auth smtp (with increased BW usage) and then the requirement for email users to adhere to the set up. Doable but not exactly 


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