Alsa state chooser

Al Johnson openmoko at
Thu Jan 29 01:17:02 CET 2009

On Wednesday 28 January 2009, TL Mieszkowski wrote:
> KaZeR wrote:
> > First example on top of my head : you are listening to music via your
> > headset, and you unplug it : if in a public place, it might be convenient
> > to
> > pause media player to avoid bothering your neighboors. My other phone
> > behaves like that and i find it convenient and respectful for the other
> > people.
> I'm nobody, but that is so contrived it comes no where near convincing me
> that such a non-UNIXy system is the right way.

Contrived? It's an example of good behaviour by an existing phone, so it's a 
real world example.

Several people have asked about unusual audio routing configurations for 
specific applications. If another app changes the mixer settings then these 
apps will not work correctly, so it would be beneficial for them to handle 
this gracefully. To do this they need notification of the change in mixer 

Changing the entire mixer scenario strikes me as being too coarse a control, 
but I haven't heard of any better proposals for abstraction. 

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