[SHR] Miscellanious minor issues

Pander pander at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Jan 29 09:45:38 CET 2009

Thanks, see below fro extra info

Joel Newkirk wrote:
> On Thu, 29 Jan 2009 01:05:45 +0100, Pander <pander at users.sourceforge.net>
> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I've been an FDOM-adept and am new to SHR. I am using it now and this
>> distributions holds a lot of potential. I completely understand that
>> this is an unstable distribution and it has an issue tracker (which I
>> use).
>> Nevertheless, I hope you can answer the following some questions on some
>> issues, or at least I hope they can be input as a simple test report.
>> Excuse me if they contain trivial things or too well know issues:
>> 1) One of the opkg repositories is non existing, so I disabled it for
>> now, see:
>> root at om-gta02 /etc/opkg $ cat armv4-feed.conf
>> #src/gz shr-armv4 http://shr.bearstech.com/shr-unstable/ipk//armv4
>> Will this repo come on line or is it depreicated and should the
>> definition be removed from opkg configuration all together?
>> 2) The repos have a lot of double slashes (//), see:
>> root at om-gta02 /etc/opkg $ grep \/\/ *
>> all-feed.conf:src/gz shr-all
>> http://shr.bearstech.com/shr-unstable/ipk//all
>> armv4-feed.conf:#src/gz shr-armv4
>> http://shr.bearstech.com/shr-unstable/ipk//armv4
>> armv4t-feed.conf:src/gz shr-armv4t
>> http://shr.bearstech.com/shr-unstable/ipk//armv4t
>> om-gta02-feed.conf:src/gz shr-om-gta02
>> http://shr.bearstech.com/shr-unstable/ipk//om-gta02
>> Should these remain like this or is this a no-brainer?
>> 3) Today (29 Jan 2009) I did an opkg update and opkg upgrade and Mofi
>> Wifi hangs when I run it, even before the menu comes up. Is this known?
>> What could be a fix? Will wicd be ported to SHR?
>> 4) Sometimes the scroll bar on the left is gold (see contacts) and
>> sometimes it is black (see settings).
>> 5) Can the vote plugin be installed inside of SHR Trac?
>> 6) How do I have a virtual Illume keyboard popup for the terminal,
>> midori, pidgin?
>> 7) Will the GPS get an icon which indicates if it is powered on, off,
>> and perhaps even the number of satellites it is receiving correctly.
>> 8) Anyone have a howto, script or some code to the GRPS working?
>> Thanks and keep up the good work,
>> Pander
> 1 & 2 - if it works leave it be...  :)   Seriously, though: the
> double-slashes aren't an issue, and I presume the armv4 feed is the result
> of a typo since other feeds (OM as well as Angstrom) do not have such a
> version, but I could easily be wrong. :)
> 3 - What SHR version are you using?  Testing, Unstable or Unstable-lite?  I
> didn't think mofi was included in the Unstables, and haven't seen it in
> several weeks so am not able to comment on any problems with it.  But I CAN
> assure you that the difference between Testing (Christmastime release) and
> Unstable (couple days ago) is tremendous.  At this time, given that we all
> understand it's still in development, I have to recommend Unstable over
> Testing.  (that will change of course when the next semi-stable 'testing'
> release is made - but for now, the number and degree of improvements and
> fixes that are still not committed to Testing makes it less functional than
> Unstable IMHO)

I'm using unstable with opkg upgrade. I also managed to hook up with
opkgorg repo and successfully installed eightball.

When you install wicd, you will not be asked to enter your PIN :(
Deinstalling wicd fixes this. Just today a fix was posted for wicd, it
seems the files are installed in python-2.6 in stead of python-2.5. Hope
the developers can have a go at it so wicd can replace Mofi.

> 4 - This is all to do with the Enlightenment Illume and Elementary themes. 
> There are IIRC two default themes bundled with SHR right now, and they're
> still incomplete, though progressing.  The gold scrollbar is one of the
> 'legacy' theme portions that still 'shows through' from the default E17
> theme, while the black ones are the new SHR theme.  (for those interested,
> an Illume theme's .edj file can choose to NOT override any given defaults
> by simply not defining anything - IE if you leave scrollbars unlisted then
> the default is used - personally I'd like to see a new Default crafted
> that's more small-screen-oriented, but as long as a theme is "complete" it
> works as well)
> 6 - Sounds like you are using Testing, the keyboard tends to popup pretty
> reliably when needed for me for the last several weeks I've been running
> Unstable.  The presence of the qwerty keyboard button in the top shelf is
> theme-dependant.  (as is the spanner/wrench config button)  Again this
> sounds like Testing, since IIRC both themes in Unstable have both icons.
> 8 - I use "gprson" and "gprsoff", one-liner scripts with the following
> contents, which can be invoked directly but less conveniently:
> #!/bin/sh
> #gprson
> mdbus -s org.freesmartphone.ogpsd /org/freesmartphone/GSM/Device
> org.freesmartphone.GSM.PDP.ActivateContext internet3.voicestream.com x x
> #!/bin/sh
> #gprsoff
> mdbus -s org.freesmartphone.ogpsd /org/freesmartphone/GSM/Device
> org.freesmartphone.GSM.PDP.DeactivateContext 
> The last three items when activating GPRS are APN, User, & Pass.  In my
> case I'm on T-Mobile's Internet3 (InternetVPN) service in the US, and they
> don't care about user and pass so just 'x' and 'x' should be suitable for
> any T-Mo:US users.  Many carriers' APNs and some additional details are
> listed at http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/GPRS#Some_APN_names_for_reference -
> if yours isn't listed, get the APN from the carrier, then update the wiki
> to add it. :)
> Happily, frameworkd takes care of everything else, so if you have GPRS
> service and it's accessible, and you have the correct ASU (and user+pass if
> needed) the ActivateContext command is all you need.  Unhappily, frameworkd
> does not yet facilitate easily altering other factors, such as connection
> persistence, demand-dial, etc.  (you can edit the python file that contains
> the ppp dialer script, but on update it will be overwritten)  Eventually I
> hope that the actual dialer script settings will be external, or offer some
> simple (dbus-based, I'd expect) means of changing things like
> route/DNS/persist. I use on-FR DNS caching so I don't want it overwriting
> resolv.conf, and since I get unlimited data on my plan I'd prefer it to
> demand-dial whenever a network connection is needed but wifi and usb aren't
> available, or simply maintain a persistence GPRS connection with
> lower-priority route metric than USB and Wifi.
> j
> PS - yes I realize I missed 5 & 7 - not being part of the SHR team I'm not
> qualified to address them

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