Debug board v3 and neo1973 (gta01)

Frederic Leroy fredo at
Thu Jan 29 21:13:13 CET 2009

Le Wed, 28 Jan 2009 13:02:47 +0000,
Andy Green <andy at> a écrit :

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> Only certain magical versions of libftdi will work.  0.8 works fine
> here, nothing later did.

So, I updated my software to libftdi 0.8 and openocd r130,
without success.

I could borrow a multimeter today.
The fpc cable is good, the connector on the debug board seems good.
Testing the neo side gives stranges results.

The first test I made, was to verify contacts between the 45pins
 on the cable and the h-tp150[23458] dots on the neo pcb. It worked

Then I unplugged the cable, made various tests with both side
(un)plugged. There is continuity between the connectors (wire on the
white plastic), but the h-tp150* dots didn't beep again.

I didn't succeed anymore with the first test.      

Then, I try to use openocd, and notice that the neo screen flashes less
often. So the connector on the neo pcb seem's dead :(

I didn't have tools to make electronics and soldier wires to h-tp150*
dots, so I wonder if someone had already got success with scotch and
small copper wire ? wiring these dots to the 20 pins empty connector of
the debug board ?

Frederic Leroy

P.S : 

What is the led7 on the debug board ? It blinks randomly when the
cable moves. And googling around, I didn't found if it is good that the
neo screen flashes and stay sometimes on until I launch openocd.

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