Debug board v3 and neo1973 (gta01)

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Thu Jan 29 21:31:30 CET 2009

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

| I didn't have tools to make electronics and soldier wires to h-tp150*
| dots, so I wonder if someone had already got success with scotch and
| small copper wire ? wiring these dots to the 20 pins empty connector of
| the debug board ?

I would look at the flat cable carefully, the gold fingers at both ends
and the neck where it widens.  First my flat cable cracked at one edge
cutting the fingers, then it tore at the neck.  Then I got a new one :-)

The flat cable solution is pretty evil, but there doesn't seem to be
much chance of improving it because it's not exactly an enduser feature
and it's expensive to put the FTDI on the main board.

But I curse that flat cable more than once a week myself.

| What is the led7 on the debug board ? It blinks randomly when the
| cable moves. And googling around, I didn't found if it is good that the
| neo screen flashes and stay sometimes on until I launch openocd.

LED5 lights on TX action of serial console, I guess LED7 is TX action
from PC on JTAG.

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