Dialup On Demand (was: [SHR] Miscellanious minor issues)

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer mickey at openmoko.org
Fri Jan 30 16:55:11 CET 2009

Am Friday 30 January 2009 15:54:12 schrieb Sven Rebhan:
> 2009/1/30 Michael 'Mickey' Lauer <mickey at openmoko.org>:
> > Indeed. I think this is a very old feature, I remember the good old days
> > of dial-up networking using pppoe. There we had something like a
> > connection dialog that popped up on demand, which is what we want as well
> > on mobile devices.
> >
> > Does anyone remember which kernel infastructure this on-demand dialling
> > used?
> IIRC pppoe (and dialup in general) used the ppp on demand stucture. That
> is, put something like:
> demand
> idle 300
> into your /etc/ppp/options file and the dialup will start as soon as
> someone accesses
> the ppp0 device. After 300s of inactivity, the connection is killed.

Ok cool, but how does this work internally? We want the framework to be 
notified, not the ppp process (which we don't want to run all the time)


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