Hackable:1 Openmoko User Meeting in Paris (HOUM#1)

Pierre Pronchery ppronchery at bearstech.com
Fri Jan 30 20:22:20 CET 2009

		Dear Openmoko Community,

(this is a liberal translation from this article by our Candide, Olivier
'zitune' André: http://linuxfr.org/2009/01/29/24940.html)

The Openmoko world is still alive and well. Software distributions
spread, for the best and best of the community :) Openmoko ASU,
hackable:1, SHR, Gentoo, Debian et so many others compete friendly.

With this storm of news, bug reports and enthusiasm, it is always good
for the community to gather up. Which is why you are welcome to join us
for an evening with Openmokos and beers:
on: Thursday February 5th from 18:30 on,
at: number 40 Passage des Panoramas, in Paris, France

An install party, workshops and presentations are planned, mainly (but
not solely) about hackable:1, of whose most core developers will be
available and share with you how they work, their little secrets, and
of course their latest developments.

Finally, we will be glad to offer every guest a 2GB MicroSD card,
pre-installed with a fresh, updated copy of hackable:1. You will
therefore be able, with a card prepared with <3 by yours truly, to see
for yourself and without any pain, the latest improvements delivered by
our team.

Useful links:

the announcement on openmoko-fr (french)

openmoko-fr's blog (french)

Openmoko's community (english)

hackable:1 (english)

See you there!
Pierre Pronchery, Hackable devices R&D, Bearstech
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