[SHR] No route to host with latest upgrade of unstable!

Fernando Martins fernando at cmartins.nl
Fri Jan 30 21:02:09 CET 2009

Tony Berth wrote:
> Dear list,
> I just did an upgrade on the latest SHR unstable image and now isn't 
> possible to connect via ssh to the FR any more. I get the 'No route to 
> host' error. Were some changes? I thing the usb0 interface gets a 
> inet6 address only?
> Any advice?
I'm using unstable from 23.01 and ubuntu 8.10 and the setup which is 
advised on the wiki page for usb networking is not working well. 
Firstly, sometimes (if not always) I have to unplug and replug the cable 
for usb to be recognised in Ubuntu.

Then I just run manually:

sudo ifconfig usb0 netmask


where freerunner is the script for automatic routing (or is it 
bridging?) to/from FR.


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