I took the plunge

Steve 'dillo Okay armadilo at gothpunk.com
Sat Jan 31 08:30:50 CET 2009

I picked up a Neo Freerunner & dev board today from the good folks  
over @ PariSOMA here in SF today.
It was a little disappointing that the dev board came in a recyclable  
paperboard box instead of the hardsided case.
Do they just not ship those anymore ?

I got a pre-paid SIM from T-Mobile and it works. I did a couple of  
test calls and heard maybe a little bit of echo but no buzz.
Text messages send and receive okay, at least for the first couple  
ones that I tried.

The one noticeable bug is that the digitizer/UI totally loses it's  
calibration when the screen gets flipped into landscape mode.
I'm downloading the 2008.12 distro as I type this and I'm going to  
flash it as soon as it's done downloading.

So far, for the whole two or three hours I've had it, I'm liking it.
I really like the Lao Tze quote on the card inside the box. It's  
quite appropriate :)

Anyway, that's about all for now. Time to go flash some firmware.


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