Sephora 0.2 available

Michele Renda michele.renda at
Sat Jan 31 18:42:07 CET 2009

Hello to all.

When I choose the name Sephora, I never thought this name was a female 
name. So, now, after "she" let us to wait as only a girl can do, I am 
happy to show to the world Sephora 0.2-0.

The first news, that I thing will interess to none, it that now the 
source are available under Debian way. This mean that it can be 
downloaded with a simple "apt-get source sephora" and build with a 
simple "debuild".

In a future, after I solve some tons of lintian warnings, is possible to 
find it on Debian fso repository.

Other changes you will find using it, they are not too much, except that 
it is runnig. I have to thank again Hubert Haas for the work he did with 
German translation!

You can download sephora going here:

(it is a temporary solution, so I hope to move to a better location in a 
few of days, may be to Alioth).

Another thing: in postinstall command the package give the command: update-menus
If someone report problem after this command, please report as soon here, so we can avoid to create problem to other users.

Have you all a nice day.
Michele Renda

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