Questions about the usability of GTA02

arne anka openmoko at
Sat Jan 31 21:27:14 CET 2009

> Ya, atm i am using a sony ericsson k800i, so just an ordinary phone. it's
> handling my needs very well, when it comes down to battery power. i only  
> got
> to charge the battery every 3 or 4 days. to make things clear: i don't
> listen to music all day, only on the go, so maximum 2 hours a day.

yes, but the k800i has afaik a dedicated hw codec for music, so it would  
consume comparably less power for that.
and 2h is pretty much time.

> to sum it up: assuming i'm leaving house at 8.30 am, i would have to plug
> the phone in at 6.30 am, to have it fully charged by departure?

pretty much. i for one load my fr mostly via ub at work and my impression  
is, though not backed by any formal analysis, that when loading via usb  
(ie 500mA) the battery lasts longer than with the wallcharger (1000mA).

> fully charged, and when i plug it off it still is at 100% even after 10
> hours or something (at least the battery indicator says). could and will
> this be implemented into later releases?

well, recent kernels (.28 notably) have a reputation to be far more  
advanced in terms of power saving, so, yes, it is imaginable that the  
power consumption will improve in a not too far future.
but bear in mind that a device like the k800i is designed for a very  
specific range of use and thus could be made very efficient, powerwise --  
any general purpose device suffers from the compromises made.

> as u may imagine, i'm not willing to get up 1 hour before time, to have  
> my phone fully charged by departure :)

well, depends on your schedule, doesn't it? getting up, heading to tha  
bathroom, having breakfast (or lunch, since you're a student -- though  
that would rather be in the cafeteria or so) ... pretty much time to  
charge the fr in the meantime.

> (let's not talk about timed
> Power strips (?)  or something)

what's wrong with that? you got an alarm clock already, did you?

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