Questions about the usability of GTA02

roguemoko at roguemoko at
Sat Jan 31 22:02:42 CET 2009

Tschaka wrote:
> Long story short, i don't want to get disappointed buying a neo. I mean,
> fancy features, software and such is nice to have, but if fundamental things
> won't work (acceptable), I and many others won't support Openmoko on the
> long term, means replacing the Neo with a later release of Openmoko in 1,2
> or 3 years. 

Long story short, with the level of analysis you've put into your 
requirements, I doubt the FR is going to meet them. I use mine as a 
daily phone, has battery life somewhere in the days but I don't use mine 
for much when it's not hooked up to usb.

If you want a linux development platform that's portable and has phone 
hardware in it, then the FR is great. Anything outside of that is TBA, 
if to exist at all.

Make sure you buy the FR if you are willing to carry a second phone. You 
may not need to but from experience, customising an FR can take a while. 
You don't want to get into a situation where you can only make a phone 
call when you flash the phone back to some previous distro or find the 
_other_ micro sd card.

Normally I'd say go for it ... but you are obviously concerned and I 
doubt the FR can meet that level of expectation ... currently.

Good luck :)


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