Questions about the usability of GTA02

Hendrik Siedelmann hendrik.siedelmann at
Sat Jan 31 22:23:40 CET 2009

2009/1/31 arne anka <openmoko at>:
>> 1st) Battery Power
>> ...
>> So, since i'm not able to plug the phone to a power source at university,
>> would i be able to run it the whole day, without getting out of battery
>> power after 10 hours?
> not with the scenario you describe -- but otoh: which phone does? your
> power consumption seems pretty impressive to me and with a phone more
> suited to doing that stuff (that said, i don't know what phone you are
> currently using, but assume something more traditional).

I'm pretty sure it will. If I do zero calls and messages, but often look at the
clock the FR will last 3 workdays (being empty at the third evening).
With I use it for some hours a day (wlanm gps, ...) it gets half empty
in one day.
I think the highest power consumption comes from the screen.
APM says it will last 5h with screen at full brightness, and around 12 h
with screen disabled. Don't forget that's both without suspending!
With wlan enabled this will be somewhat shorter, but it shouldn't be a problem
to get more than 2h browsing and 2h music out of it.


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