Launcher v0.41 - New Release

Yann SLADEK yann.sladek at
Sun Nov 1 09:54:45 CET 2009


good app, very useful.
I migh have found a little bug with the  'Jump' function in contacts.
All my contacts are listed into 'No cat', so I click on 'Jump' then M 
for example (why only 1 character ?).
It goes down but on 'O' or 'P' character. Sometimes, it works great, 
most on the time when it goes from the bottom to the top of the list.

Another thing, would it be possible to customize contacts field ? Could 
we show up only category with at least 1 contact ? Because, as category 
are displayed twice (as reported below), we have to move at the right of 
the screen to get contacts list.

Thanks a lot

> Hi,
>   Here is the latest release. Changes :-
> 1. Clean Ups, Bug fixes and Speed ups (hopefully)
> 2. Should indicate last call made and sms sent in contacts app
> 3. Better re-sending of failed sms's
> Enjoy.
> launcher_0.41_arm.ipk 

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