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Davide Scaini dscaini at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 13:57:22 CET 2009

Great news!
I'll wait next release, then I want to help in building extra ipk

On Mon, Nov 2, 2009 at 10:59 AM, Sander van Grieken <sander at 3v8.net> wrote:

> Thanks for the update!
> Ever since I saw that the SHR feeds didn't get updated for a while I
> compiled SHR myself
> from the shr/import branch, so I already knew that there was a lot of
> activity going on
> under the radar.
> For me the usage of opimd for contacts is the nicest new feature. It has a
> VCF backend, so
> I could just scp my Kaddressbook contacts over to the FR and have all my
> contacts
> available. nice!
> Graphic speed felt a little slower though, and the interfacing with FSO was
> broken in some
> places, like the power management. Also the power button didn't bring up
> the popup menu.
> But these are all findings of a few weeks back, so most will probably be
> long fixed
> already.
> Thanks again, looking forward to the next stable unstable release of SHR!
> grtz,
> Sander
> On Sunday 01 November 2009 17:04:30 Thomas Zimmermann wrote:
> > For the SHR users that aren't reading the SHR mailing lists i'm
> forwarding
> > this message from spaetz:
> >
> >
> >
> > Betreff: [Shr-User] What's going on in SHR land
> > Datum: Sonntag 01 November 2009
> > Von: Sebastian Spaeth <Sebastian at sspaeth.de>
> > An: shr-devel at lists.shr-project.org, shr-user at lists.shr-project.org
> >
> > Hi all, for those of you few that do not live 24/7 in IRC land, here is
> > a not-so-brief update on what is happening in SHR land. No, we are not
> > all dead :).
> >
> > There are a couple of major transitions that have slowed down new images
> > or indeed any updates in the SHR feed. Let me try to sum up a few and  I
> > am sure others will chime in and list whatever I have forgotten:
> >
> > - Transition from the obsolete kdrive-glamo driver to a proper xorg
> > server infrastructure. This took some time, but it appears that it is
> > working fine now. Don't expect any (initial) performance boosts, but
> > being on a regular xorg server and having a driver that is actually
> > being developed and maintained is a good thing for the future (thanks to
> > Weiss and others for some really hard work here).
> >
> > - More fso...d goodness. Rather than having Mickey Lauer's python
> > prototyped phone backend, we are starting to his re-written bits and
> > pieces (coded in vala, which should give us a nice performance boost
> > over python). For the beginning we have the resource handling
> > (fsoresourced) on board and look forward to the next bits and pieces. I
> > know very little about the state of things here, so others might have
> > more information.
> >
> > -New phone apps: As if that were not enough changes, the core team
> > (mrmoku, tasn, dos1, and others?) has started to redevelop the frontend
> > applications for SHR. the old ophonekitd was initially developed by a
> > guy called quickev who has been missing in action since quite some
> > months now. Don't ask ME why, but apparently the now design allows for
> > better/quicker/whatnot development. I'll let one of them speak out for
> > themselves about the motivations. Besides lots of work,this gives us
> > also a chance to redesign the screens and make the UI better. So goodbuy
> > ophonekitd and libphone-efl, welcome phoneui, and libphoneui-shr.
> >
> > -Bernd Prünzler(spelling?) is kind enough to help out with some theme
> > development (BTW, you did know there is a theme contest going on, do
> > you? So, go and design and submit something already!). The default theme
> > has been designed for powerful desktops, and is using more transparency
> > and other fancy stuff than the slow graphics can do. He is developing a
> > theme that should be much faster on the Freerunner (but don't expect
> > miracles, the hardware will still be barely able to drive a full
> > VGA-resolution screen). So expect a big fight between dos1 (niebee
> > theme) and bernd (gry theme) for the fastest performance (while
> > retaining good looks).
> >
> > Last but not least: what we had done the last few months, is basically
> > taking a fork of OpenEmbedded and developing from that. While this gave
> > us the stability to code apps without having others break our stuff (we
> > are quite capabable of doing that ourselves it seems :-) ), this led to
> > a quickly diverging SHR and OE tree. It was decided that we really
> > should include our stuff into OpenEmbedded proper, rather than just
> > doing our stuff in parallel. So we had first put all the stuff into an
> > "SHR/import" git tree which is in the openembedded code repository.
> > Next, mrmoku created the "shr/merge" tree which is kept in sync with the
> > OpenEmbedded tree and we ported all our enhancements there. The plan is
> > to take our bits and pieces from here and merge them into OE over time.
> > This is where we currently stand, we want to keep using the shr/merge
> > tree which gives us a current OE tree, but of courseby using more
> > updated components, lots of stuff was broken. The guys have fought
> > really hard in the last days (and weeks) to overcome compilation errors,
> > nonbooting phones, and crashing components. It seems we are now really
> > close. The new images compile fine (yay!), the phone actually boots, and
> > many of the crashes have been eliminated. AFAIK, we are currently still
> > stuck with a segfaulting dbus. As soon as these issues are ironed out,
> > mrmoku will continue to put updated SHR-unstable images and packages
> > out. This could take 1,2, or 4 days. I don't know how long and it
> > depends on how good things will turn out. But there will be a new image
> > soon. Expect some teething troubles with the new images at first (I am
> > not sure an opkg upgrade will work), but this is all fancy new stuff
> > that we are very happy about.
> >
> > spaetz
> >
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