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On Mon, 02 Nov 2009 14:26:24 +0100 Helge Hafting <helge.hafting at hist.no> said:

> Evgeniy Karyakin wrote:
> > 2009/10/26 Carsten Haitzler <raster at rasterman.com>:
> >> you want speed? you will need to give up something. if you still want it to
> >> look nice, then drop pixels. its the simplest and easiest solution. its the
> >> right resolution for that cpu anyway. the glamo will still hurt you, but
> >> not as much.
> > 
> >    I'm sure everybody who has any professional connections with
> > Freerunner+Glamo development already took all possible measures to
> > solve this problem. But what concrete steps were taken to ease Glamo
> > bottleneck? If its throughput is so narrow, can we lower amount of
> > data flowing through it? 
> Sure you can lower the amount of data flowing through it. Lowering
> the resolution is one option that several has mentioned.
> Another way is to draw less stuff overall:
> * Don't draw anything that need several passes, i.e. transparency
> * Don't draw anything unnecessary, i.e. "cute animations"
> * Don't ecen think of 3D.
> * Optimize the user interface.
>    Never redraw "the screen" when drawing a smaller portion will suffice.
>    Don't highlight an icon by changing
>    the background color. (Lots of pixels).- Just draw a 1-pixel wide
>    square around it, for example. (And make sure your drawing library
>    doesn't do anything excessive behind your back, such as drawing the
>    entire icon with that border - because that was "simpler" to
>    implement.
> The situation is not hopeless. The entire 640x480 16-bit display
> is 614400 byte, or 0.6MB. 7MB/s means the entire display can
> be updated 11 times per second if need be. In theory, anyway.
> Anything updating a smaller
> portion of the screen could be even more responsive.

11 fps assumes zero cpu left to actually do the drawing.

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