[All] Black Screen of Death - Won't resume from standby

David Lanzendörfer david.lanzendoerfer at o2s.ch
Mon Nov 2 19:34:05 CET 2009

There could also be an other explanation.
In cases that you're not killing and starting special processes in the pre- 
and post- suspend event, and it freezes anyway, the following reasons could be 
used as explanation:
* It dies at suspend time: Sometimes the underlying hardware-near controller 
layer aka. BIOS missunderstands S3 as S0. (Case with my old Phoenix-BIOS on my 
very very old laptop until upgrade)
* Sometimes it dies on writing the staging and going to sleep
* Sometimes it has corruption in staged data stored in RAM, but it doesnt 
remark it and dies on resuming.
* Sometimes it resumes, but the ACPI controll is not given back to the OS, and 
its still in sleep mode, meaning:
** nearly black screen (You can see images, if you look from near, but it 
doesnt habe illumination in the background lights)
** Wifi is down and wont come up unless you reboot
** Same as for wifi for sound

-> As often as you suspend and resume, as higher is the posibility of getting 
corrupted RAM content ==> Black screen ==> RESET

greatings leviathan
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