Ericsson releases "free" cell-id lookup API

jeanmatthew jeanmatthewjohnsson at
Tue Nov 3 08:42:59 CET 2009

> Is it very much different than the Google location API?
>Definately - It only gives you 1 cell position (latitude/longitude, is
>this the position of the cell tower?), a locality name and an accuracy
>measure in meters per API call. This is unlike the Google API where
>the whole locating operation can be considered server side and other
>attributes such as rxlevel and timing advance can be considered. So
>you would have to develop your own application to combine results from
>both serving and neighbour cells in a meaningful way (their example
>only tells you the serving cell location) and you still would not have
>rxlevel/timing advance information.

All cell-id based positioning is done server side (unless you have the whole
database in your device) Do you have any indication that Google is using
rxlevels and timing advance? Are there any devices that supports access to
these measures? To do any kind of combination you still need to extract all
of the data from the device and send to the server. Google doesn't have
access to any kind of data from the network. 

Would be interesting with some more information around this if you have.

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