Can my FreeRunner remind me to shut it down if it is still running at 22:00?

Brolin Empey brolin at
Wed Nov 4 00:01:00 CET 2009

I never ended up configuring my FreeRunner to do anything
automatically before I go to bed because there is no reason to do so:
no one calls me during the night, and even if they did, I would
probably sleep through it because I sleep through the cordless phone
in my room ringing.  Shutting down my Nokia 6103b before going to bed
is practical because it boots in about 5 seconds, but I try to always
keep my FreeRunner charged because it takes so much longer to boot
(using QtMoko v11 installed in the onboard NAND).  While I am at home,
I leave my FreeRunner connected to my PC via USB to charge, so it is
easier to leave my FreeRunner suspended while I sleep than shut it
down before going to bed and boot it again after I get up, which is
usually still in the morning during the week, but often after noon on
the weekend. ;)

Incidentally, I noticed Alishams Hassam (Ali) replied in this thread
before I was introduced to him by his reply to my thread “OT: Where
can I meet a female companion with similar interests and personality
/in person/?”, which I started on 2009-09-10.  I have met Alishams
twice in Vancouver and chatted with him on the phone (on our US
FreeRunners.  We both even use the same carrier: Fido.);  I like him
so far.  I hope we can become closer friends. :)

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