[SHR-U] NumberX - a mathematical puzzle game

Valery Febvre vfebvre at easter-eggs.com
Wed Nov 4 01:30:38 CET 2009


I'm proud to announce the first release of NumberX.

NumberX is a mathematical puzzle game that will challenge your mental
math abilities!

Four random numbers, between 1 and 9, you are given and you must put
them all together using the basic arithmetic operators in such a way as
to arrive at a given target random number.

Every puzzle has a solution. The difficulty of the puzzles varies, some
are easy and others are much more difficult!

It's written in Python / Elementary.
NumberX is tested on SHR unstable only. Normally, it should run on any
system with a revision of python-elementary equal or greater to 40756.

Homepage : http://code.google.com/p/numberx/

Package : http://numberx.googlecode.com/files/numberx_1.0.0-r0_all.ipk

Happy puzzles,

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