Some questions about android on Freerunner

Alexander Shulgin alex.shulgin at
Thu Nov 5 08:55:06 CET 2009

On Thu, Nov 5, 2009 at 06:14, a dehqan <dehqan65 at> wrote:
> So  see contains softwares of android and in part
> for
> download area (official releases and weekly builds). yes ?

Well, not exactly.

The site is a open source projects hosting (much like
SourceForge) owned by Google.

Our effort to port Android on FreeRunner is just one of the many
registered projects at and it's home page is here:

> Is the only source for official releases and weekly builds and softwares ?
> And who are owners of official releases and weekly builds and softwares ?

In fact there's not much 'official' and 'unofficial' stuff going here.
 We're a bunch of self-organized people around the globe trying to put
things together. :)

>> Daily builds are available from yet another server here:
> So daily builds on this sever pertain to  owners of weekly builds ? and are
> those unofficial ?

These are unofficial in the sense that they simply reflect the current
state of development on the project (with cutting-edge enhancements as
well as newly introduced bugs).  I'd better call it 'unstable' or
'testing', whereas builds released on are considered

For the purpose of testing you can grab virtually any of the available
builds, but the latest is generally the better.

>> Do you have access to  If not, you can try sending
>> an email to <android-on-freerunner at>
> yes is open .
> An email has been sent to them but no result yet may be it is technical
> related contact way .
> by and large , is closed for iranians , this mean
> The owner does not want we use their codes , so we will not use , but before
> buying Free Runner it's required to know can we use android  and it's
> applications without that site ?

That's really sad. :(

But I believe it's not the 'owners' (better say 'project admins') of
Android on FreeRunner decided to forbid any particular group of people
to access the project.  It's ultimately must be Google, Inc. who is in
control of the whole site.

> Is it the only source and owner of official builds for freerunner ?

You can always download the source code from git repositories at
gitourious and compile it yourself.

> How much is it required to have a up to date android on FR ?

You need a FR, a computer with USB port and GNU/Linux or compatible
operating system to flash the images.


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