Some questions about android on Freerunner

a dehqan dehqan65 at
Thu Nov 5 09:22:33 CET 2009

> But I believe it's not the 'owners' (better say 'project admins') of
> Android on FreeRunner decided to forbid any particular group of people
> to access the project.  It's ultimately must be Google, Inc. who is in
> control of the whole site.
> > Is it the only source and owner of official builds for freerunner ?
> You can always download the source code from git repositories at
> gitourious and compile it yourself.
Ok , you mean owners of codes are devopers around the world , and they put
their codes on yes ?
So important question  , Is all the content of in git repositories at
gitourious ?

By and large , it's required to know if google wants iranians to use android
and it's applications or not ?
It is explicit that google is owner of android  , Does google allow iranians
use android ?

Regards dehqan
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