Fwd: What's going on in SHR land (2)

Thomas Zimmermann zimmermann at vdm-design.de
Thu Nov 5 10:57:49 CET 2009

Betreff: [Shr-Devel] What's ging on in SHR land (2)
Datum: Donnerstag 05 November 2009
Von: Sebastian Spaeth <Sebastian at sspaeth.de>
An: "SHR-user" <shr-user at lists.shr-project.org>, "SHR-devel" <shr-
devel at lists.shr-project.org>

Just a very brief update. With a lot of hard work, we finally managed to
get the new shr/merge branch which is really close to the upstream
openembedded branch to compile and boot.

At least in the -lite image every thing seems to work fine (well
ffalarms crashes), but basic telephone stuff works.
There are some glitches to be worked out (kernel sound module not loaded
by default), but in general this should now be ready to be pushed to
-unstable again. and

Keep in mind that a recompile takes at least one day and mrmoku has
started a new build on the buildhost, which might or might not finish
successfully. So if things go fine you can expect a new -unstable image
very soon now.

Thanks for you patience.


P.S. My Tip of the Day: Do install "elementary-theme-gry" and select it
as your default. It looks pretty similar to the default theme and it is
way faster.

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