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> a dehqan <dehqan65 at> writes:
> > 3 - Problem is that : our religion Eslam says you can use a person
> > code while he/she allows you , now There are codes and wiki and
> > .. on Google host .Even google is not owner of codes , Host pertains
> > to google . So using that address and host is not possible for
> > moslems now .
> I can't exactly follow the logic. You said google doesn't want you to
> use their site. In fact i doubt that's true. They don't care if you
> use their site or not; they implemented that "restriction" solely to
> make some US jerks happy and to not have any problems with their
> inappropriate legislation. Also you should note that google is not a
> person, it's a large corporation functioning in a complex
> international environment. So even if they say they're prohibiting
> something it doesn't mean they actually do (and in fact they can't)
> and/or want it.
> I hope someone more skilled in Islam than me can clarify this matter
> from a religious POV but judging on common grounds it's perfectly
> moral to circumvent an artificial restriction especially given that
> restricting anybody is not intended.

In simple words Google cannot give you something directly and you have to
get it through the third party because the first party wants to give it to
you while an *influential* body above google is just creating hurdles due to
its own interests. So I guess there is no moral issue to get it through a
third party and Google has no benefit in restricting it, infact it is going
against their interest considering the matter at hand.

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