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 07.11.2009 14:44,   Nicola Mfb :
> On Sat, Nov 7, 2009 at 1:55 PM, Carsten Haitzler <raster at> wrote:
> [...]
>> yes. see above. apps are doing it all the time. it's about the most standard
>> way to provide information about your window, from title to minimum and maximum
>> size to aspect ratios and more. rotation preferences are just yet more
>> properties like this. if its a "property" of the window - put it as a property
>> of the window. use the mechanism created for precisely this kind of thing. dbus
>> is not that mechanism.
> [...]
>> if an app has rotation preferences, it should set them. if it has none - it
>> gets whatever the screen has right now - or whatever the wm chooses to
>> implement as policy. yes - you modify apps to have them indicate their
>> preferences. otherwise they are deemed to "not care" which is the case now, for
>> example. you modify the apps - thats the right way to do it. you don't
>> post-mortem find a way to hack things in. :)
>>> Also do you know if there's already a well-known window property for
>>> preferred rotation, or would we be inventing a new one?
>> you'd be inventing it.
i don't think so, see below
> I agree that window properties is the right way to implement that, but
> we need a way to get rotation preferences now, while that may be
> proposed and discussed as a standard for the future.
> So a couple of questions:
> * is it possible/safe/correct to set a window properties of a
> window/xclient by an external app (e.g. a launcher)?
in my oppinion, it is not necessary, because one has all needed 
information already in
--> man XSizeHints
if a window says, for exampe 800x600, and says maybe in the aspect 
ratios 4:3, the rotation preference is quite clear, i think.

the only thing, i think, we need, is a little patch in the window-manager.
i don't say it is easy, but this is the only right place.

> In every case and going a bit ot, is anyway possibile having a generic
> Window ID to retrieve the .desktop file originating the owning app?
> I'm just guessing to retrieve the pid from window properties, retrieve
> the executable (like /proc/pid/exe) and back search in the .desktop
> file definitions.
> But this seems weight as the Exec in .desktop files may be a relative
> path, a link etc, for sure there is a better way, may you explain
> them?
these things are workarrounds for not having to patch the window 
manager, i think.

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