Ideal screen rotation

Dave Ball openmoko at
Sun Nov 8 03:03:47 CET 2009

Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) wrote:
> On Sat, 7 Nov 2009 19:46:28 +0000 Rui Miguel Silva Seabra <rms at> said:
>> Being X properties or DBUS, it's the same for me. DBUS seems more natural as
>> there's probably less pooling, but then I know only a bit more of DBUS than
>> of X11 (which AFAIR was a bunch of huge books) :)
> no. dbus is far from natural or correct. that's what i keep saying. this is not
> something for dbus. it's something for properties on a window.

Sounds like we should be using window properties for passing hints to 
the WM, and dbus for getting orientation information from the 

Maybe it's time for omnewrotate to retire, with the WM talking to FSO's 
orientation API [1] directly?

app -> window properties -> wm -> dbus -> fso

WM making the decision on what direction to orient the display, based on 
window properties and device actual orientation etc.



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