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> Raster, I understand perfectly that the best way is having apps
> setting an XAtom and the wm managing it. But if all those people are
> asking for a weird or wrong solution is becouse the good way is not

but the apps are asking for nothing right now. there is no standard. there is
no info. thus.. it's moot. they get the behavior they get now. screen rotates
if they like it or not -0 the window resizes and it is the job of an
application to handle a window resize. if they like the size or not, under x11,
it is the task of the app to adjust to a resize as it sees fit. it gets no
explicit control over the window size. it only gets hints and to "ask nicely".
the answer to those hints may be "no". it can and does happen.

> standardized, is not implemented in the WMs and is unknown to existing
> apps, so we are just doing a bit of brainstorming to find a feasable
> solution *now*.

apps that don't ask - have their windows rotated if they like it or not. they 
NEVER have had the choice before. they NEVER knew about rotation before. they
don't know or care. they never had the ability TO care before.

> Patching E/Illume and a dozen of apps is easy but I think peoples want
> use existing linux apps with their preferred WM too.

1. come up with a workable standard - 2. make sure it's clean and well thought
through, 3. propose it to fdo as a new standard, 4. wait and over time it will
actually be supported in apps and... the problem will go away permanently.
anything else is a hack. well it doesnt need to go to fdo - but as long as it
exists as a documented standard that anyone can choose to support or not, it
doesn't matter.

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