Some questions about android on Freerunner

a dehqan dehqan65 at
Sun Nov 8 05:11:53 CET 2009

> Are you able to download a different openmoko distribution, like SHR?

Yes , please guide on those questions nothing esle , no SHR no using proxy
and other things :

4 - You said codes (stable) are also on repository so just we lack wiki and
issue tracking Yes ?  Is there any other wiki/any thing else that has wiki
efficient for beginners at all is it necessary ? What does issue tracking
mean and is there any other site for issue tracking ? *ultimately what
problems will a android user be faced without using* and ?

5- Why wiki and issue tracking are on google , can not be on other host?
what is wiki license ? maybe it can be copy on other host ? Or is not it
possible to replace Host ?

6-What is this address <> for ? Does it
host codes also ? and why is not forbidden for Iranians ?

Paul Fertser , Your comment has been read but answers for above questions is
required .

Regards dehqan
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