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> >
> > Are you able to download a different openmoko distribution, like SHR?
> >
> >
> >
> Yes , please guide on those questions nothing esle , no SHR no using proxy
> and other things :
> 4 - You said codes (stable) are also on repository so just we lack wiki and
> issue tracking Yes ?  Is there any other wiki/any thing else that has wiki
> efficient for beginners at all is it necessary ? 

> What does issue tracking mean

Keeping track of software development. For example when you find a problem with some software you create an issue in the issue tracker. When the issue is fixed you close the issue.

> and is there any other site for issue tracking ?

Lots. is one such site.

> *ultimately what
> problems will a android user be faced without using* and
> ?

Android users don't need the issue tracker. They should just need to install an image and use the phone. The issue tracker and wiki would only be important as a reference if they needed to solve a problem with the phone.

> 5- Why wiki and issue tracking are on google , can not be on other host?
> what is wiki license ? maybe it can be copy on other host ? Or is not it
> possible to replace Host ?

You can put a wiki on any system. There are many free wiki applications. For example

> 6-What is this address <> for ? Does it
> host codes also ? and why is not forbidden for Iranians ?

If you mean "why is not forbidden for Iranians" the  my answer is "I don't see why it should be".

Please tell us what you are trying to accomplish. You will get better advice that way.

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