Some questions about android on Freerunner

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Sun Nov 8 07:21:27 CET 2009

In The Name Of God The compassionate merciful

Good day everyone ;
Thanks for your attentions ;
See it's required to know whether fater buying freerunner can android be
used or not .

Android users don't need the issue tracker. They should just need to install
> an image and use the phone. The issue tracker and wiki would only be
> important as a reference if they needed to solve a problem with the phone.
> So an end-user need that wiki and issue tracking , if not , how does he/she
solve his/her android problems  on freerunner ? can he/she use here/other
communities instead of issue tracking ?

> > 5- Why wiki and issue tracking are on google , can not be on other host?
> > what is wiki license ? maybe it can be copy on other host ? Or is not it
> > possible to replace Host ?
> You can put a wiki on any system. There are many free wiki applications.
> For example
Will Google admin of make a mirror for free runner codes who
is he/she ?

> If you mean "why is not forbidden for Iranians" the  my answer
> is "I don't see why it should be".

why ? cause of is forbidden .

and Does contain whatever contains ?

Regards dehqan
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