Ideal screen rotation

Matthias Huber matthias.huber at
Sun Nov 8 09:48:23 CET 2009

>> in my oppinion, it is not necessary, because one has all needed 
>> information already in
>> --> man XSizeHints
>> if a window says, for exampe 800x600, and says maybe in the aspect 
>> ratios 4:3, the rotation preference is quite clear, i think.
> 800x600 doesn;'t even fit. its a minimum size. it's not sane to use such a
> property as this doesn't tell you the original rotation - just a size. you are
> overloading a property here that isn't meant for this information. ther's also
> a window aspect ratio property - again, this isn't rotation. a wm may interpret
> this by scrolling the window around, not rotating. or just make the window
> smaller if it likes it or not (eg what e and matchbox do for example).

can you give us a hint where this (rotation) property can be found ?
perhaps hint on manual page ?

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