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I attended the workshop last time and my impression was, that people really liked it.
It was on Hackable1 I think and surely not too advanced...
What is planned till now for this year's congress?
Martin Puffe.

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On Fri, Nov 06, 2009 at 08:30:14PM +0100, Frederik Sdun wrote:
> we try to get a table on the Chaos Communcations Congress [1].
> The CCC is one of the biggest hacker congresses in europe and has a lot
> of interesting talks and workshops and i think everone of you knows this
> nice event. It takes place from December 27th to 30th 2009 in Berlin.
> Current attendees:
> David "leviathan" Lanzend?rfer
> Thomas "nezza-_-" Roth
> Frederik "playya" Sdun
> Anyone else interested to be there and wants to have a plce on the table?

Last year we organised such a corner and Khorben gave a workshop one
evening in the workshop room, that was very well received.

It seems the workshop brought in the most people and you could organise
one every evening, it's better to have people play a bit, go away and 
come back the next day with new questions instead of forcing them to stay
for 5 hours

If you want, you can get a few tables in the hardware hacking corner
the we are planning for hackable devices (mostly soldering and 3D printing,
but plenty of room for Openmoko and friends)


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