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* hab keen oh ne <baba_melone at yahoo.de> [08.11.2009 10:29]:
>    I attended the workshop last time and my impression was, that people
>    really liked it.
>    It was on Hackable1 I think and surely not too advanced...
>    What is planned till now for this year's congress?
>    Regards,
>    Martin Puffe.
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>    hey,
>    On Fri, Nov 06, 2009 at 08:30:14PM +0100, Frederik Sdun wrote:
>    > we try to get a table on the Chaos Communcations Congress [1].
>    >
>    > The CCC is one of the biggest hacker congresses in europe and has a lot
>    > of interesting talks and workshops and i think everone of you knows this
>    > nice event. It takes place from December 27th to 30th 2009 in Berlin.
>    >
>    > Current attendees:
>    >
>    > David "leviathan" Lanzend?rfer
>    > Thomas "nezza-_-" Roth
>    > Frederik "playya" Sdun
>    >
>    > Anyone else interested to be there and wants to have a plce on the
>    table?
>    Last year we organised such a corner and Khorben gave a workshop one
>    evening in the workshop room, that was very well received.
>    It seems the workshop brought in the most people and you could organise
>    one every evening, it's better to have people play a bit, go away and
>    come back the next day with new questions instead of forcing them to stay
>    for 5 hours
>    If you want, you can get a few tables in the hardware hacking corner
>    the we are planning for hackable devices (mostly soldering and 3D
>    printing,
>    but plenty of room for Openmoko and friends)
>    Wim.
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@wim Thanks for your invitation. We accept your invitation and take aseat in your corner.

I  don't have a concrete project yet. But i think it's either a vala
wrapper for efl or integrating accelges into FSO [1]. 
David will continue his SHR port for HTC dream and maybe flashes some
Thomas: I don't know

There's no workshop planned yet. Anything you want to see? Maybe we can
organize it.

Regards, Frederik

[1] http://accelges.googlecode.com/
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