Openmoko in the press + Hiwi job offer Karlsruhe

Michael Tansella michael-tansella at
Sun Nov 8 21:15:56 CET 2009

Hi together,

Matthias Breuel and me did a research project with the openmoko at the KIT 
(Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) in Germany.  We developed a Indoor 
navigation system with the Freerunner in C++/Qt. You can see a picture from 
the BNN newspaper here: 
No we are doing different stuff at our diploma 
thesis so we don't have the time to continue. If someone wants to continue and 
lives in Karlsruhe or at best studies there can get a 'Hiwi' Job. It's mainly 
difficult algorithms but modify the code for new approaches. If someone is 
interested, feel free to contact me offlist.
Additionally Matthias and me want to thank the great support we received by 
the Openmoko community. Special thanks go to Andy(-tracking) who solved some 
Acc Kernel troubles over night and Mickey+ (freesmartphone team) whose dbus 
services did the low level programming for us.

Greets from Germany
Michael Tansella
Matthias Breuel

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