[OffTopic]Geek'sPhone: New android actor?

David Lanzendörfer david.lanzendoerfer at o2s.ch
Mon Nov 9 21:34:56 CET 2009

Would be nice, if it could become a new development platform for OM/SHR too.

Are there some development boards to get?

With JTAG interface and so on?

And a documentation for writing free drivers for the linux kernel?

Using android kernel is not an option, because they put the mostpart of theire 
drivers into the apache licensed userspace. In binary format.

So the basic idea of opensource handies is died in android, because the linux 
kernel cant support the hardware on its own, theres alway a binary compatible 
android userspace needed to have the devices working properly.

I hope, if they call theire phone "geeky" then they are also open to sell 
developmentboards and documentation.
If they dont. Then the word geeky is a lie and we could even call a htc-raph 
or other windows-ce generation handies geeky.
Then we can call every ** smartphone geeky. Because they are all hackable in 

So please ask them to inform about development boards on theire page.
They dont have to make UMTS/GSM open, its clear that they cant, but the rest 
of the pcb and schematics they could give us in a documentation, so that some 
smart linux kernel hackers could write some drivers in the propriate section 
(Board, CPU, Devices)

Something which the Android developers didnt manage to do either.
Theire drivers are sooo ugly.
This time, the development should start from our site.
Linux shouldnt have only BIOS function, but should have the user and kernel 
space consequently separated.
Lets do it on our own, an we are sure, that it will be respected.
We can certainly do it better then proprietary enterprises and google.

regards leviathan
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