SIP Client

Eric Smith es at
Mon Nov 9 22:14:34 CET 2009


I have not used my freerunnner much since I bought it soon after
public launch due to battery issues.

Recently flashed the latest unstable SHR and initially looked
reliable and promising as a regular phone.  But then I
experienced missed calls and failure to dial.
(perhaps I will try Qt Extended Improved to see if this
works  better as a regular phone)

But I know there is a lot of new work on SHR and I hope that
it allow me to have a reliable regular phone.

Meanwhile, I want to use the freerunner as a WIFI connected
SIP client.  No need to make cellular calls or do *anything*
else than VOIP.

What is the advice on both the platform and application above it to
reliably support WIFI and a sip client?  I see linphone is mentioned
in this forum.

I do have a problem with batterys not charging well and
discharging fast, maybe some distributions fix this?

Thanks for suggestions.
- Eric Smith

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